Monday, 2 June 2014

We Survived Mr Drew's School

We survived Mr. Drew’s School, that inspiring and uplifting programme where troubled and difficult young boys attended a Summer School designed to help them improve their behaviour and return to main stream school. I say “We” because our dog shaped rocking chair “Bumble the Dog” was used during the six weeks of filming and was at the end of the programme given to one family that had “become particularly fond of it”

Toys which give added benefits last longer in the child’s affection. In fact that is the essence of toys – to engage and give pleasure to a child.  Play engages the imagination and with  the enormous psychological and cognitive benefits that produces, it is an essential part of human development. Toys are designed for this, but to design furniture for the same purpose is unusual.

Our chairs are designed to engage the child in imaginative play and the accompanying illustrated story books further inspire imaginative play. The rocking motion of the chairs allows a child to work off pent up energy and aggression and to slow down to a soothing rocking motion. Some parents report that the child begins to develop an interest in reading, returning to the chair with yet another book to look at or read.

For us the pleasure is that the child enjoys their own special chair - and that never fails to touch us deeply.

The founder of Fairy Tale Children's Furniture, Zandra Johnson is a passionate advocate of imaginative play for children. Studies reveal free time spent playing make-believe helps children develop critical cognitive skills. Fairytale Furniture helps build those skills through imaginative play. Download your free guide to Imaginative Play at FAIRYTALECHILDRENSFURNITURE.CO.UK

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