Friday, 16 September 2011

An Up and Down Month

Well, it's been an interesting month so far, full of ups and downs. My "horror-scope" did warn me that "this month it will be one step forward and two steps backwards" and so it has proved. On the wholesale side we have had orders placed and then cancelled and then, almost immediately a new order placed, much bigger, - and then reduced.

There have been days wasted dealing with an on-line scam which, this time, also involved a re-seller. Fortunately both the re-seller and I had "feminine intuition" warnings and so eventually there was no great loss. Coping with a scam always involves so much precious time because you can never be quite sure, with the clever ones, if they are genuine or not. If the order is genuine, in spite of the warning signs, you end up with an irate customer, a disappointed child and a some bad friends who are unlikely to recommend your company. Wikipedia has lots of information about on-line scams, so be aware.

It's great fun running a company where you wear many hats, two of mine are PR and Marketing. In keeping with this month's trend I had three articles accepted and then two refused and four interviews with journalists trying to pitch an idea to magazines. One was accepted, two refused and one is still waiting. See what I mean by one step forwards and two back? This has happened so many times I begin to feel like the Grand Old Duke of York.

However, it's fun and there is nothing that I would have done differently, even with knowledge of hindsight. If I could have changed anything? I'd be greedy and have all the steps forwards and none backwards. I wonder what next month will hold?

There was a lovely phone call from a customer who had bought the elephant chair for her granddaughter and she said "the elephant chair is the most beautiful chair I have ever seen."
Thank you so much. I hope the little girl loves it to bits and enjoys the story book that goes with the chair.

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