Friday, 19 August 2011

Does our Dog Rocking Chair have Something Special?

On-line selling can be a rather lonely occupation as you don't have the pleasure of meeting your customers face to face or watching the children react to and interact with the products you have created especially for them.

Watching children using the chairs, carrying them about, sitting or rocking, at first tentatively and then with enthusiasm, has always given me enormous pleasure. I love it when the child starts to play in their imagination and you can see them talking to the character on the chairs. It's a beautiful sight seeing children engrossed in their play and acting out their fantasies.

So it's especially nice when a customer goes to the trouble of giving you information about their purchase and whether they liked it and how the child likes it. I have recently been told by two customers how their sons reacted to the Dog Rocking Chair, or "Bumble The Dog" to his friends.

The first came from a man whose son of 3 years old had the dog rocking chair and he said an amazing thing had happened. The little boy was a typical active, restless, energetic boy who didn't care for reading or looking at books and didn't really like to be read to for long - too restless and too active he much preferred to run about.

There was a long and unusual silence from his bedroom and so, peeping through the door, they found him sitting in the rocking chair and "reading" (he was only 3) He was reading the Bumble the Dog story book out loud, and then he would get another book and return to the chair to rock and read out loud. His father said "We couldn't believe it, he was reading to the dog, reading book after book. Sometimes he rocked in the chair just talking and sometimes he sat on the carpet beside the chair and rocked the chair by hand and it seemed as though he was pretending to be the dog"

The other came from a customer, Jenny, who wrote on my website the following review.
"I bought Bumble the Dog chair for my (small)8 year old son who has additional learning difficulties. Ryan jumps and claps noisily in front of the TV, video or DVD which meets some unusual sensory need of his and drives me mad!! I had a feeling that the movement of the rocking chair might help to replace the clapping and be better for us both.

Ryan doesn't often rock Bumble, but he does understand that Bumble is the place to sit quietly and will sit in Bumble with a big soft toy to cuddle (which occupies and separates his hands) or a soft blanket wrapped round him. Which is different from the small wicker cane chair which he sits in to eat quite often.

Although it is difficult to know how much Ryan understands, he knows that Bumble is HIS special chair and it's for QUIET sitting. Thank you Zandra!"

Thank you, Jenny.

The founder of Fairy Tale Children's Furniture, Zandra Johnson is a passionate advocate of imaginative play for children. Studies reveal free time spent playing make-believe helps children develop critical cognitive skills. Fairytale Furniture helps build those skills through imaginative play. Download your free guide to Imaginative Play at FAIRYTALECHILDRENSFURNITURE.CO.UK