Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Welcome to the FairyTale blog

It has been an exciting roller coaster of a journey getting here, full of discoveries, blind alleys and raised hopes. We've met lots of people who said "it can't be done" and some who said "don't see why it shouldn't be. Let's have a go."

With so many ideas in our Fairytale Children's Furniture® portfolio, one of the hardest tasks was to chose just one range to start with.

"But it's like chosing between your children!" we wailed.

"Tough!" said the Stern Controller (Business Manager) "Only one - or I'll go and play with someone else!"

We hope you enjoy our first range. We have been unrelenting in our persuit of quality and safety and in providing furniture with the Fairytale Furniture Ltd. signature of Furniture + Play + Story.

Our debute at the BPA Baby & Child Show at the NEC in Birmingham promises to be an exciting occasion; but more about that later.

The founder of Fairy Tale Children's Furniture, Zandra Johnson is a passionate advocate of imaginative play for children. Studies reveal free time spent playing make-believe helps children develop critical cognitive skills. Fairytale Furniture helps build those skills through imaginative play. Download your free guide to Imaginative Play at FAIRYTALECHILDRENSFURNITURE.CO.UK

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