Tuesday, 10 August 2010

An exciting Year

Let's Celebrate!
It has been an exciting year. In spite of the Recession we are still here. We still love the idea of children's furniture being more than just furniture but a plaything as well. Something which will stimulate hours of imaginative play, something which becomes more and more important in our pressurised society.
There have been several articles and discussions in the media about the importance of play for children and how little time they have to play now in comparison with years ago. Computer games and television have taken over from outdoor play and imaginative play.
Childhood is such a lovely time. I've been studying the way children play, the way they move and what intrigues them for many years. I've been making things and recounting stories since I was tiny. Now all this has been combined into Fairytale Furniture. Children love stories and they love their own special chairs.
Our "Fairytale Fun" is a free newsletter which I hope will provide ideas for parents and grandparents to enjoy with their children; to enjoy this special time. It has ideas for games, stories, silly rhymes and simple recipes. You can request your copy on the side bar to the left now.
Happy New Year everyone. May 2010 be even better than 2009!

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