Tuesday, 10 August 2010

And Then Add Children

...and listen to the laughter...
A saturday was scheduled to re-photogrqaph our furniture, this time with children. A request made at my local networking event to "Borrow some children, please" resulted in seven children under the age of 7 being offered as "models".
Seven children, all under 7 ...All together... All at once!!!
I envisaged noisy, happy mayhem and confess to being both excited and anxious.
The day dawned bright but with the sky heavy with snow and the fields and trees white with frost. A landscape sketched in silver. The air was so cold you could snap it off. I am still amazed by and indebted to those Mums and Dads who got up early on a saturday morning, drove 20 miles through winding frosty lanes, arrived on time with their children; waited patiently in the wings and then drove all the way home again.
The children were little Stars! They did what children do, chattered, asked questions, played and listened to stories. The bigger ones mothered the smaller ones, combed their hair and wiped crumbs off their faces (there were fairy cakes and biscuits), (and marshmallows), (and chocolate eggs)
Gail Dalmaine, the photographer, kept everything running smoothly and my only regret was that I didn't bring a voice recorder to capture the laughter, shrieks and giggles coming from the studio. Isn't the sound of young children laughing wonderfully infectious?
Thank you Mums and Dads, and thank you lovely little Stars. Every time I look at the pictures they bring back happy memories.

The founder of Fairy Tale Children's Furniture, Zandra Johnson is a passionate advocate of imaginative play for children. Studies reveal free time spent playing make-believe helps children develop critical cognitive skills. Fairytale Furniture helps build those skills through imaginative play. Download your free guide to Imaginative Play at FAIRYTALECHILDRENSFURNITURE.CO.UK

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